An experienced clinical project manager is crucial to the success of any clinical engagement, pre-empting hurdles, keeping the project on schedule and within budget. Our project managers are at the heart of our clinical team, co-ordinating the many elements to a well-executed study. 

Project management responsibilities include: 

  • Project needs assessment and contingency planning 
  • Overall project planning and communication planning 
  • Resource allocation and team management 
  • Risk assessment, tracking and management 
  • Budget development and tracking 
  • Management of project timelines and deliverables

The field of drug development requires a high level of organization and planning, hence, project management is crucial in the conduct of clinical trials. Transparent and efficient communication is a key factor for study success. Our project manager will streamline communications between the multidisciplinary Acceler8 team and the sponsor, and act as the main point of contact.

The project management of a clinical study has distinct stages, with specific tasks needing to be completed and documents created in each stage in order to align with regulatory requirements and operational considerations.