Clinical Trials in ASIA-PACIFIC

The landscape of healthcare is constantly changing to address the needs of patients around the globe. Drug development is becoming more demanding and a growing number of biopharma companies are turning into outsourcing in order to meet their needs during the development process. In this evolving environment, the Asia-Pacific region has proven to be an ideal destination for life-sciences companies, offering various possibilities for outsourcing. 

But what makes APAC an attractive destination for clinical trials? 

The CRO market is growing fast and is expected to grow even more during the following years. In this challenging environment, the need for personalised treatment has shifted the clinical research spotlight to new innovative therapies and novelty drugs. Mobile health has also essentially affected clinical trials worldwide by improving efficiency and allowing faster and more cost-effective clinical trials. 

Regulatory restrictions are also important when planning a clinical trial, as less limiting regulatory guidelines usually allow faster drug development and an easier pathway to the market. 

In APAC the large pool of diverse population, allows trials to be tailored to the needs of patients of Asia Pacific counties. As the need for fast patient enrolment is key, APAC allows access to a wide patient pool, keener to participate. Some APAC countries, such as Singapore can also offer world-class hospitals and expert consultants in a variety of therapeutic areas and a transport infrastructure which is second to none. 

When planning a clinical trial, the right clinical research partner with a strong background is key. Considering a partner based in the Asia Pacific region with experience on the regulatory requirements and culture will undoubtedly create more opportunities for success and faster commercialization. 

At Acceler8 Clinical Research, we believe that having our Asian base in Singapore is ideal for clients, both new and existing, to work with us to help deliver their pipeline in one of the most booming clinical trial regions in the world. Similarly, our highly focused team in Melbourne, Australia covers the country far and wide. Australia is a world class destination to perform clinical trials, offering industry leading research in fields such as Dermatology and Oncology.  

Acceler8 Clinical Research (Asia) cceler8 Clinical Research (ANZ) work hand in hand together to help us provide our customers with a 24 hour service, in conjunction with our esteemed colleagues in the Western hemisphere to keep the pulse of your clinical trials beating around the clock. 

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