COVID-19 Vaccine Experiences from the Acceler8 Team (2)

Since the surge of COVID-19, several pharmaceutical companies have taken the challenge to develop an effective and safe vaccine against the virus, and as of 23 July 2021 the vaccination has reached over 3.8 billion doses applied in 216 countries. The vaccination is a measure that not only helps the person who received the inoculation but also, protects others. Despite the fact that vaccination is not a guarantee that a person will not be infected with COVID-19, vaccines help to avoid the development of a serious COVID-19 illness.

The vaccination process still has several challenges. For example, inaccessibility to the vaccine to some regions of the world, mainly in low-income countries, and on the other hand, the denial of certain groups of the population to receive the vaccine even though it is available in their country.

Due to its large population, Asia is the continent where most doses of the vaccine have been applied, about 2.38 billion, and in contrast, Oceania, is the continent where fewer doses have been received by the population, only 13.2 million as of 23 July 2021. Nevertheless, due to notable differences in population size in continents, it is more adequate to compare the progress of vaccination by doses per 100 people, rather than by the number of doses applied.

Africa, for example, is the continent where less doses per 100 people have been applied, only 4.6. In contrast, Europe has the largest vaccination advance, where 82.7 doses have been applied per 100 people.

The COVID-19 pandemic can only be tamed with substantial progress on vaccination; therefore, it is imperative to get the vaccine if it is available in our region. In Acceler8 Clinical Research we are convinced that vaccination is surely the first step that will allow society to move to a new normal and it is giving humanity a glimpse of hope after harsh times. Some of our team members have already received the vaccine and here is one of their thoughts about the process.

I was personally very excited to get the vaccine. I was volunteering at the vaccination centre and caught completely off guard when near the end of the shift I was asked by the Dr in charge if I would like to get the vaccine and of course I said yes.

I did ask why I would get it as I was so young compared to the 80+ population who were attending, however I was told that all volunteers are being offered vaccinations where possible due to being in close contact with so many people, especially the most vulnerable.

The vaccine itself was great, so quick and easy and not painful, as they say … sharp scratch! I had a sore arm and was a little tired the following day, but other than that can’t complain.

It is great knowing that I now have some form of protection but still following the social distancing guidance and government rules is key to keeping everyone safe.  I am excited to see all my family and friends have their time to be called. 

-Acceler8 Team Member

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